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engineering for the future


The energy sector is undergoing a comprehensive structural change at the moment, as it adapts to future requirements. The global impact of resource use and the resulting ambitious climate targets are helping renewable energy to slowly replace fossil sources as the main energy provider. ...

Our conviction


Create your own energy and use it

One of the main challenges of renewable energy generation is ...

The future of mobility

Despite the fact that electric vehicles (EV) offer the potential to operate all road vehicles ...

Do more with less


A reduction in energy use by industry could make a massive contribution to reducing greenhouse gas and other emissions.
Energy management systems support this process, ...


    ... with renewable energy, the limits to charging speed and location, not to mention associated problems such as grid stability, are a major challenge to the successful implementation of this technology.


    Wireless provision of energy on the move has the potential to increase the time available to charge and therefore increases the flexibility of EVs while simultaneously reducing the load on the grid. A reduction in required charging energy also allows the use of cheap energy buffer storage systems to further reduce the strain on the grid. Locally generated renewable energy could finally be used to power the transport sector.


    Our inductive power transfer system can be installed with the absolute minimum of changes to the vehicle and road infrastructure and enables the safe transfer of large amounts of energy. Installation requirements are kept to a minimum. The primary infrastructure (in the road) has been designed to be useable by all electric vehicle types, from private cars, to vans, to heavy vehicles such as busses and Lorries. This allows the largest possible user base for the quickest return on investments in infrastructure.


    An inductive energy transfer infrastructure would additionally keep a large number of vehicles and their energy requirements attached to the grid at all times. This would allow electric vehicles to not only use renewable energy as it becomes available, but also to contribute to grid stability.